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Listing solutions successfully used in various communities:
 blog of Thursday, October 29, 2009 has the posted
Censored Homeless Solutions

The titles says it.  I do not claim this to be an all inclusive listing.
All most have down the blog, you will find several examples, after
this statement:

Can you imagine a mobile homeless camp that 
is self governing and can serve in an emergency ? 
It has been and is being done. And in some cities 
like Seattle, every neighborhood can have a turn.

Maybe they could be used to help FEMA and other federal 
emergency programs?


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Monday, November 2, 2009
HUD Complaint: Tracking the political money trail of homelessness criminalization 

HUD Inspector General Fraud Complaint and contact information 4 HUD IG


Friday, July 17, 2009 :
Tracking the political money trail of homelessness criminalization

Videos of city working hosing homeless people with a water canon
mounted on a city truck are also linked in.

There are several links posted at these two blog postings that go to 
reports about the criminalization of homelessness, across America.
Including a rating system for the most criminalized cities, their laws and
ordinances passed and the manners the laws are enforced. Other linked
reports expose the dramatic rise in homelessness since the housing collapse,
one out of three homeless men being veterans and much more.

 The San Francisco Chronicle newspaper ran a story that stated, "general 
assistance rolls for the homeless have been slashed by 73 percent -...in a story titled,

About 800 homeless move inside with Care Not Cash
Monday, May 2, 2005 San Francisco Chronicle
By Kevin Fagan, Chronicle Staff Writer Page B1

Since communities accept HUD monies to "help the homeless", 
it appears to actually be a fraud for such a community to have 
laws that criminalize homelessness. The contact information 
for filing a complain about this with the HUD Attorney General 
is given


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Thursday, November 5, 2009
Hazards to the Public Remain Secret

For the irony, I have posted a report that I converted from a PDF file, 
"Skeletons in the Courthouse: Hazards to the Public Remain Secret".

While the average American (and or war hero) can become a criminal
because they are homeless, the average corporation appears to be practically
immune from criminal prosecution for the reckless homicides that they commit.
There is one exception that I have found and believe that every District Attorney
in our country needs to be aware of.

Corporations are very rarely even charged in a criminal court. It seems that most 
District Attorney's are unaware that they can convict corporations of reckless 
homicide.  Michael McCann was a longtime district attorney in Milwaukee 
County, (retired 12 / 31 / 2006 ). McCann is best known for prosecuting   
Jeffrey Dahmer and had also prosecuted more than ten corporations 
for reckless homicide, over the last two decades.   

But still, the game foes on:

American Roulette; "Forget the revolver. We use products and services"

American Roulette - based on "Red Collar Crime".

Please note the section half way down the page titled 
The Political Fallout of Criminal Charges Against Corporations:
The Failings Of Campaign Financing.

at the censored and Archived copy of "Red Collar Crime"

Excerpt from: "Red Collar Crime"

Industry has know for over fifty years that it has been poisoning 
us and paid out millions to settle cases and seal the records (26).  
A book titled "Toxic Deception" documents how industries 
manipulates science, bends the law and endangers our 
health (81, a book review).
 A Congressional Report states that of the 1,400 chemicals 
known to cause cancer, less than 6% are tracked (145B). The 
huge transnational companies that produce toxic chemicals 
found in pesticides, herbicides and industrial and household 
products profit not only from the sale of these products, 
but also from the symptoms and chronic illnesses that they 
can trigger (157).
One well documented example of the "Political Fallout" of 
trying to use criminal charges against a corporation are the 
"Earth First" activists and any that would aid them:

Charles Hurwitz, owns Pacific Lumber. The corporation that 
has been opposed by Earth First and brought Julia Butterfly" 
Hill into public attention for her tree sitting activism against 
Pacific Lumber.

The story about Pacific Lumber (owned by Charles Hurwitz
financing a recall campaign against the Humboldt District 
Attorney in the hundreds of thousands of dollars (G1), after 
the D.A. filed "fraud charges" against Pacific Lumber. You 
would think that there would be laws against that ? So what 
are Campaign Contribution Laws, anyway ?

So far, the California Attorney Generals Office has refused 
to even investigate a homicide complaint that I filed against 
the Pacific Lumber Co. 

A logger was FILMED threatening Earth First Activists that 
were documenting the fraudulent manner PL was cutting 
trees. The logger starting falling trees at them" as he had 
threatened to. A protester was killed and the Humboldt 
District Attorney says that they "do not have enough 
evidence to convict".

The story about Pacific Lumber financing a recall against 
the Humboldt District Attorney in the hundreds of thousands 
of dollars (G1) should give you a clue that we are not talking 
about "pocket change", here. It has been estimated that Pacific 
Lumber has made millions of dollars from fraudulently harvested 
trees. But I do not have an exact or substantiated figures and that 
estimate is based, so far, on "hear say". Not that I would want 
Pacific Lumber to file a slander suit against me. Activists that 
were trying to document some of this were charged with 
"trespassing" in what have become known as the

Another story documents break in's at the DA's home (G2).

David "Gypsy" Chain was murdered while documenting 
crimes of fraud that amount to RICCO violations that has 
brought illegal profits to Pacific Lumber CO in the millions 
of dollars

There is no way that anyone could say that the Humboldt 
County District Attorney's Office is not under undo influence 
or " impartial" not to prosecute the Pacific Lumber CO for 
the "reckless homicide" of David "Gypsy" Chain.

End of excerpts from:

The Political Fallout of Criminal Charges Against Corporations:
The Failings Of Campaign Financing.

at the censored and Archived copy of "Red Collar Crime"


Monday, March 10, 2008
"Toxic Exposure Impact On Immune Systems - Stealth Infections" Fwd: Biomonitoring Use of "Deadly Force" and "Poisoned air?"


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  2. Prohibitions on Sharing Food with People Experiencing Homelessness (in America, the land of the deceived) Report by the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty titled:
    "A Place at the Table: Prohibitions on Sharing Food with People Experiencing Homelessness".