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"Toxic Exposure Impact On Immune Systems - Stealth Infections" Fwd: Biomonitoring Use of "Deadly Force" and "Poisoned air?"

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Fwd: Biomonitoring Use of "Deadly Force" and "Poisoned air?" with EPA, FDA Political
Corruption : A Toxic $ermon; connecting the politically toxic dots and the impact on soci
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Excerpt from today's "Toxic Sermon";

It should be far more cost effective to use the natural
based pesticides in the "long run" in a community because
of the expected absence of health care cost increases. But
to my knowledge there has never been such a comparison
study done.

End of excerpt.

Details regarding the upcoming Public Input Sessions on
the California State Biomonitoring are available in both
English and Spanish at:
So far as I know, mental illness and law enforcement officers
involved in the use of "Deadly Force" are not on the agenda, yet.

Toxic chemical exposure could influence a split second judgment
in such fatalities as well as a factor in mental illness, domestic
abuse and violence in society.

Subject Title of sermon:

The Use of "Deadly Force" and "Poisoned air?"
with EPA, FDA Political Corruption.

This Toxic Sermon on the attached stories from the
forwarded e-mail / newsletter that "connects the dots"
of the corruption of science and your health. It is dedicated to
Jeremiah Chass, a 16-year-old teenage boy, was shot and killed
in the driveway of his Sebastopol home by Sonoma County deputy
sheriffs, on March 12, 2007. The spraying of pesticides in the
geographical area that morning have never been investigated as
a potential "trigger" for his psychological condition and or any
influence on the officers "thresh hold point" at which they make
a split second decision to use
"Deadly Force"
. This question was
asked in a "Letter to the editor" titled,
Poisoned air?" in the
March 21 - 27, 2007 issue of the North Bay Bohemian newspaper.
To quote the letter to the editor,
"Poisoned air?"

It made me think about my repetitive thought. Maybe it was not so stupid.
I could not help but wonder if the air had been clean that morning, would
things have turned out differently? Did whatever was in the air affect judgement?

End of quote from "Poisoned air?"
The memorial vigil for
Jeremiah Chass is scheduled for 6 P.M.
March 12, 2008. At the Plaza / Square, in downtown Sebastopol,
California. We need a "Civilian Review Board" that will try
to have such influence adequately investigated.

There are "natural pesticides" that attack enzymes
in the nervous system of insects that people and our
pets do not have. But "they" say that the cost is
prohibitive, compared to that of the "nerve gas" based
pesticides. The small companies that have the "natural
based pesticides" that are not toxic to humans do not
have the financial resources to be heard in the political

The right Google search reveals far too many reports.
One example is "ecosmart natural pesticides"

The simple truth is that numbers do not lie, but liars
can figure. Often misrepresenting the true and total costs
with "lies of omission" that enable claims of "plausible deniability"
based in claims of ignorance.

The facts are that such wide spread "nerve gad" based
pesticide spraying in a community causes health care costs to
skyrocket, as shown with a simple Google search on
"epidemiology study pesticide spraying health care costs".

It should be far more cost effective to use the natural
based pesticides in the "long run" in a community because
of the expected absence of health care cost increases. But
to my knowledge there has never been such a comparison
study done.

Epidemiology studies of pesticide spraying with regard to the
psychological effects on a society can be tremendous.
Google search terms;
"epidemiology study pesticide spraying psychological effects society".

epidemiologists subscribe to a blog for Epidemiology
called "The Pimp Handle". One of their postings is titled,

Lead on the Brain « The Pump Handle

There is a comment posted at their blog from myself, that
links to my blog "Mentally Ill or Toxic Victims?". Peer reviewed
medical journals are linked in with an explanation of the low
dose cumulative effects of toxic chemicals. Leaving thew question
of just what do you get when the pesticides sprayed in a demographic
area mix with other chemicals in tne bodies of people of that area ?

The nest part of this e-mail covers the ramifications of
the EPA and the FDA "political corruption":

A peer reviewed medical journal has shown that the majority
of mental illness is caused by toxic chemical exposures. This is
of extreme interest because the medical profession has claimed
for decades that mental illness was genetically based. The article
is linked into another one of my blogs titled,

"Toxic Victim or Mentally Ill". A censored Center For Disease researcher
was asked in a "censored" but published interview what the source of exposure...

Some of my "independent research" on this topic is posted
in a rough draft format at one of my other blogs titled,
Suicide - Homicide and the Biochemistry of Crime"

The "probability" of such widespread pesticide spraying
influencing "social violence" and the use of "deadly force"
by law enforcement agencies is "theoretical" because of
the absence of adequate epidemiology studies (
*16 See ch.1*,)
being interpreted by Psychologists for psychological effects.
There does appear to be a problem with securing funding for
such a study to be done, besides the absence of a spraying of
"natural pesticides" in a geographical area to compare findings
with that of watered down "nerve gas" pesticides being sprayed.

But such a "cause and effect" can be illustrated in the story of

The North Bay Bohemian, article titled
"Deadly Force";
Searching for facts in Jeremiah Chass' death at the hands of
Sonoma County deputies
By Peter Byrne,
March 21 - 27, 2007

The totality of this is so outrageous that the verifiable
reference material is given after the statements.

Environmental Connections:
A Deeper Look into Mental Illness

Environmental Health Perspectives
Volume 115, Number 8, August 2007

Their "general conclusion" (in the
above article) is that mental illness
is not "so genetic" and most likely
due to toxic chemical exposures.....

Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP)
a monthly journal of peer-reviewed
research and news on the impact of the
environment on human health. EHP is
published by the National Institute of
Environmental Health Sciences and its
content is free online. Print issues
are available by paid subscription.

Toxic chemical exposures can reduce the immune systems ability to

deal with sub-clinical (not acute) "stealth" infections, such as mycoplasma's.

A simple Gogle search: toxic influence immune system

Also see: Scholarly articles for toxic influence immune system

More information about the "toxic mix" multiplying in toxicity rather
than adding, in many instances can be found at (16) Considering
Cumulative Effects Under the National Environmental Policy Act

It is not enough to evaluate the "low dose cumulative effects
of toxic chemical exposures"

12A: The Use of Biochemical and Molecular Parameters to Estimate

Dose-Response Relationships at Low Levels of Exposure

Environmental Health Perspectives Supplements Volume 106, Number S1, February 1998
Melvin E. Andersen and Hugh A. Barton
Peer reviewed medical journal on the effects of the environment on health

Patients must be evaluated for "Stealth Infections" as well.

It is also worth noting that viruses and other infectious agents can multiply in

their impact, when combined. Such as viruses and mycoplasma (sub-clinical

and not "acute" ) infections. There are more details about these mycoplasma's

as a "incapacitating agent", that cause "stealth infections" resulting in chronic illnesses,

in the attached review that is being published this year by Laboratory Medicine,

the #1 top-rated lab pathology journal.

The review is attached as an rtf document titled;

might also try a Google search on :
"Schizophrenia mycoplasma", " suicide mycoplasma", and

" mental illness mycoplasma".


y theory .....
"The Ancient Possession's of Mental Illness":

These mycoplasma's have been around for thousands of years. In fact,
a mummy had been shown to have died from such an infection (walking

Unmasking the mummy,

High-tech experts peek at a child who died 2,000 years ago
San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, Saturday, May 7, 2005

Back then, parasitic infections and malnutrition were the main
"factors". Today we have the Low Dose Cumulative Effect's of Toxic Chemicals,
as well.

Another translation for the word "demon" is a parasite (worm)
from a parasitic infection.

Clear the parasitic infections and the "Demons
are cast out" so the immune system can then
deal with the "Stealth Infections", now known as
a type of non-lethal biological weapon called as
"Incapacitating Agent" . Peer reviewed medical
journals about the "Incapacitating Agents" can
be found at the web page of the Institute of Molecular Medicine

Today, the patient must also be detoxified from the toxic
chemical exposure that are impairing the immune system
for the "Stealth Infections" to be cleared.

FYI: Jesus was an "Essene" that used
fasting and parasitic cleansing. Ancient
library finds and Dead Sea Scrolls revealed
that the "Baptism" included an enema to flush
parasitic infections.

Google search terms;
"Essene enema parasitic infections"


These parasites are considered to be synonymous with demons.' " Essenes,
Israel, 33 C.E., Stephenson, Neal. Snow Crash. New York: Bantam (1992); pg. ... - 48k -

For all these reasons, the enema is necessary at the beginning of our new life.
After the fermentations, former parasites and harmful waste products have ...

That is my theory .....
"The Ancient Possession's of Mental Illness"


The Federal government has arranged it so that the
doctors will be interviewing children about the behavior
of adults after $74,500,000 of watered down nerve gas
known as pesticides are sprayed over the San Francisco
area, while far more cost effective solutions are being

From the attached news letter that was sent to me:

$74.5 Million Set for the Spraying of Toxic Chemicals Over San Francisco
Doctors Interrogate Children as Informants on Parents' Behavior
and a typical example of the politics
drug company Wyeth using the FDA to attack pharmacies that offer natural hormones

End of excerpted stories from attached e-mail.

It does seem rather outlandish that our government would use
interviews by doctors with children for "
epidemiology studies".
But I do have to ask just what will be done with such information,
once it is compiled ? When you consider the governments own
historical documentation regarding
"epidemiology studies" at

Also posted at the
Red Collar Crimes in Radiation Experiments
But the links to web pages that have been removed from the
Internet change faster than I can correct them. To see what had
been posted, use the
Internet Archive

A 1999 story titled "Firm failed to get consent for tests of blood substitute", by
The Associated Press. And I quote
(52), "A company conducted an ill-fated blood-
substitute trial without the informed consent of patients in the study - some of
whom died, federal officials say. Baxter International was able to test the substitute
known as HemAssist without consent because of a 1996 change in federal Food
and Drug Administration regulations. The changes broke a 50-year standard to
get consent for nearly all experiments on humans". End quote (52).

Over two hundred American cities have been used to test biological
weapons, since the 1940's - ConRec: Congressional Record - titled
HUMAN DRUG TESTING BY THE CIA, 1977, Subcommittee on Health
and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources. This
Committee met on September 20, 1977. This information was found
on Microfiche CIS785411-19, with the call #KF49.C6. IT IS AN OFFICIAL
US DOCUMENT (over 200 American cities used in biological weapons

GSHDTCIA: Google search results, term "HUMAN DRUG TESTING BY THE CIA, 1977"

The 1991 Gulf War Vets have an extreme amount of information about
this and many more aspect of using America citizens with out consent,
for drug and biological weapons testing at

If you have a "chronic illness"such as "arthritis",
you might want to do a Google search on "arthritis mycoplasma".
Or "cancer mycoplasma" might show you why this is of concern to you.

"Schizophrenia mycoplasma", " suicide mycoplasma", " mental illness mycoplasma".

Actually, the corruption of the FDA, EPA and the USDA by
"politics" is better documented at my blog titled,
"Scientists mobilizing to fight FDA & EPA corruption"
Includes over 40 Nobel laureates with the Union of Concerned Scientists

The Union Of Concerned Scientists have posted,
Scientific Integrity Update with numerous reports;
Such as;
Evidence of Political Interference


The typical (and now legal) political methods used to accomplish
this is exposed at the re-posted and censored rough draft of

Toxic Revelations
, toxic fraud, exposure sources and biological weapons / chronic,
sub-clinical infections, mycoplasma treatment, low dose cumulative ...

Excerpt from the above page:

You might not think this approach of "profit over the lives and health of patients"

would be "business as usual" for the drug companies and medical research. To think

that medical research might be "side tracked" for the sake of making more money is

one thing. The manner in which this is usually accomplished is another. And what I

think of as"the revolving door of medical research and politics".


Leading medical providers like the Cleveland Clinic and
Johns Hopkins in Baltimore are establishing special programs
to give platinum service to the well-heeled. Depending on the
program, the super-rich customers may receive massages
and sauna time along with their physical, house calls, and
step-to-the-front-of-the-line service in testing facilities (158).

And Linda Peeno MD of whom gave sworn testimony to the
House of Representatives on the subject of "Denial of Health Care
Services" to the insured
( 20a, 20b).
(Was featured in the movie "Sicko")

In short, "Justice has been sold" (101) and millions of dollars
put into "fixing the sale" ( 49). The Los Angeles Times reported
that, "Drug Companies, HMO's Spend Big To Stop New Laws".
They donated hundreds of millions of dollars to political election
campaigns (49, 159 ). While apparently buying out "grass root
organizations (68).

The simple facts are that chemical companies developed
chemical and biological weapons for our country. Back in
World War One and Two, they made things like nerve gas.
At some point, the watered down the nerve gas and started
calling them "pesticides". The report,
"Poison for Profit" (157)
documents that the chemical companies and the pharmaceutical
companies are really controlled by the same people.

Now that is a business plan, called "Poison for Profit" (157). Even more
disturbing is what is termed "the revolving door" from these companies
and their executives into many of the high ranking administration offices
of our government, in Washington DC. From the National Institute of Health
to the Food and Drug Administration and beyond.

"The revolving door" is easily shown with an Internet search
term, "revolving door washington DC drugs chemical companies".


Bill Moyers of the Public Broadcasting System did a show
named Trade Secrets and has created a web page of the same
name (
26). There is to much documentation there to list, in
regard to "industry" covering up the damage to OUR HEALTH
from toxic chemicals, for over fifty years.

Bill Moyers was tested for over 800 toxic chemicals and over 80
chemicals (at various levels of exposure) were found, in him (
That presents the potential for more viable chemicals reaction
variations than the pick six lottery in one patient from the perspective
of the Low Dose Cumulative Effects of Toxic Chemical's
*16 See ch.1*, **122**)!

End of excerpt from "Toxic Revelations".

In today's judicial system,corporate executives receive "gratuities"
as do politicians, along with their "campaign contributions".
Some of these "situations" are discussed in the posted rough draft of
Red Collar Crime, in the section titled,
The Political Fallout of Criminal Charges Against Corporations:
subtitled: The Failings Of Campaign Financing

Additional FYI as to why I consider "paranoia a survival skill":

The Pentagon Poised To Resume Open Air Weapons Testing « Les dessous ...
U.S. cities, including New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, were among the ...

April 26-27, 2004 Lecture Room, The National Academies
21st and C Streets, NWWashington, D.C.


Tom Krohmer
Environmental Technologist
The Toxic Reverend
Justice Is Homeless

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Date: Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 8:16 AM
Subject: Doctors Interrogate Children as Informants on Parents' Behavior

NaturalNews / NewsTarget ~ March 03, 2008

Did you kow that pediatric physicians are now being instructed to interrogate
children to secretly report on their parents' behavior? It's all part of the
"new medicine," where doctors play the role of Secret Police, calling Child
Protective Services to steal children away from families that have non-conformist
beliefs such as refusing to get their children vaccinated. Read more details in
today's story (below).

Check out my satire piece on the F.D.A.'s bumbling factory inspections, and read
Rami's frightening report on yet more aerial spraying of chemicals in California.

Also today: Obesity linked to birth defects | Mercury destroys DNA |
Phytoestrogen benefits | Bioidentical hormones | Dangers of new processed fats |
and more!
Click any headline below to read the full story:

*Health: Doctors Interrogate Children as Informants on Parents' Behavior* --
(NaturalNews) -- Encouraged by the American Academy of Pediatrics (A.A.P.),
pediatricians across the United States have begun questioning children about
their parents' habits, in some cases even filing police reports based on this
information, according to...

Health: *$74.5 Million Set for the Spraying of Toxic Chemicals Over San
I am angry! On January 24th, 2008, United States Department of (U.S.D.A.)
Agriculture Secretary Chuck Conner announced the availability of $74.5 million in
emergency funding to combat the light brown apple moth (L.B.A.M.) infestation in

Health: *Send a Real Message to Wyeth About Their Attack on Natural Hormones*
In the last issue of the Virginia Hopkins Health Watch, "Will Wyeth Bully You Out
of Your Estriol?," I wrote about the drug company Wyeth using the F.D.A. to
attack pharmacies that...

Health: *Obesity Linked to Increased Health Risks and Birth Defects*
Obesity rates are increasing in Australia with over half of Australian adults
overweight (Australian Bureau of Statistics). More disturbing are studies
finding that overweight women giving birth are more likely to have children that

Health: *DNA and Mitochondrial Time Bombs: Uranium and Mercury*
Hyperinsulinemia may promote mammary carcinogenesis. Insulin resistance has
been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and is also characteristic of
type 2 diabetes. Diabetes and cancer are both expanding almost exponentially

Health: *Interesterification - The Dangerous Replacement for Trans Fats*
Due to the terrible health problems associated with trans fats, the food industry
has been busily perfecting another 'man-made' replacement to ensure that company
sales and profits are kept at a high level. The new solution is a process

Health: *Flaxseed Phytoestrogens Benefit Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease*
Whole flaxseeds are known to lower total and LDL cholesterol levels, reduce
postprandial glucose absorption, decrease some markers of inflammation, and raise
serum levels of omega-3 fatty acids (1). This is of obvious benefit to

Health: *Are Lower LDL Levels Always Beneficial?*
Lowering cholesterol is a core principle of cardiology. However, with the
results of two recent clinical trials, that theory is being seriously questioned,
as is the value of some widely used cholesterol-lowering medicines. In 2006,

*Society: "Blood Passion: The Ludlow Massacre and Class War in The American West"
(Book Review)*
In history classrooms the world over, schoolchildren learn about the important
American wars, going back to the American Revolution. It seems that an important
war, one that occurred on American soil, has been largely left out of the

Health: *Bad Patents, Evil Corporations and the Rise of Intellectual Imperialism*
(NaturalNews) -- It is a defining characteristic of Western civilization that
power-hungry men seek to declare ownership over all things they discover. For
most of human history, such ownership efforts were focused on usable land.
Owning land that could...

To your health,
- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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Natural Cures Each Month
I'd like to introduce you to an "underground" information source I subscribe to
in order to stay up to date on cutting-edge nutritional information. It's a
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NaturalNews, and I find it to be a wellspring of information about practical, yet
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In Case You Missed It (Previously Published Stuff):


"Cowardice asks the question -- is it safe? Expediency asks the question -- is
it politic? Vanity asks the question -- is it popular? But conscience asks the
question -- is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position
that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but one must take it because it
is right."-- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

---- Msg sent via CWNet -

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Tom Krohmer
Environmental Technologist

The Toxic Reverend
Justice Is Homeless
Who's a criminal ?

Homicide Charges For Corporations
(Rough draft posted with active reference links)


Peer Reviewed Medical Journal on Chronic
Illnesses, cancers and Stealth Infections
from Bio-weapons of the non-lethal variety
The Gulf War Vets have posted
"Beyond Treason"
What you do not know could kill you

Toxic Revelations; Censored information on
biological weapons and the health care
industry The censored rough draft has
been reposted
Reference material reposted at:

...-- End Of Forwarded Message -----


Tom Krohmer
Environmental Technologist

The Toxic Reverend
Justice Is Homeless
Who's a criminal ?

Homicide Charges For Corporations
(Rough draft posted with active reference links)


Peer Reviewed Medical Journal on Chronic
Illnesses, cancers and Stealth Infections
from Bio-weapons of the non-lethal variety
The Gulf War Vets have posted
"Beyond Treason"
What you do not know could kill you

Toxic Revelations; Censored information on
biological weapons and the health care
industry The censored rough draft has
been reposted
Reference material reposted at:


The Toxic Reverend
aka Justice Is Homeless

Who are the criminals ?
Journalists, environmentalists,
the homeless, doctors.....

1991 Gulf War Vets
"Beyond Treason"
Bioweapons and chronic illnesses / cancer

Providing Accurate Insider Information on
Corruption in the Three Branches of Government

The Toxic Reverend
PO Box 391
Guerneville, CA 95446

Due to pResidential Executive Orders, the National
Security Agency may have read this email without
warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without
any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no
recourse nor protection save to call for the impeachment
of the current pResident, and the arrest of the entire
BushCoup organized crime family

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