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Censored Homeless Solutions

Editing in progress.  A number of programs used in various communities
around the USA are linked into this blog. From Tent cities to mental
health care and homeless courts.  There are a few links to alternative 
housing, too. As well as the Countries first "Green Homeless Shelter"
that has been helping chronically ill people to detoxify and get well.


Can you imagine a mobile homeless camp that is self
governing and can serve in an emergency ? It has been
and is being done. And in some cities like Seattle, every
neighborhood can have a turn.


Edit of March 6th 2010

Tent Cities in America: A Pacific Coast Report
Thursday, March 4, 2010
The National Coalition for the Homeless announces the first in a series of 
reports on the growing number of tent cities across the United States. The 
new report released 03-04-2010 is focusing on west coast encampments. 
tent cities have emerged and operate on a daily basis, highlighting the 
community organizing efforts at work within these settlements and the 
growing need for affordable and accessible housing nationwide.

End of March 6th 2010 edit

Made With Love Cafe & Grill - Served after Katrina
Also see;

American Rainbow Rapid Response

Archived Seattle Tent City "Homeless Not Helpless" Posting

Seattle Weekly: News: Camping Commonalities by Kimberly Peterson

... Hesed House is a particularly good comparison to suburban Seattle's Tent City 4
because the tent city there started almost 20 years ago as a ministry on ...

Tent City - Temporary Shelter for Homeless
... Understanding Temporary Shelters for Homeless
Woodinville Ordinance No. 369 ( 378 KB) - Permits Tent City 4 to use ...
Here are a few examples of such stationary camps.
Dignity Village
Dome Village ,

What most fail to realize is that the the "Deviant
Homeless" (or "Drainbows" as I call them) are a
small minority of the homeless population. The
majority of the homeless do not like them, either.
One example is the Aloha Inn, located in Seattle
Washington. It has been a HUD sponsored program
for over a decade. Their secret is that the "Intake
Committee" is made up of the homeless themselves.
And they will not let the Drainbows in. If one should
make it past Intake, they can not follow the rules to
stay very long. It is just that way and the "Hard Core
Homeless" in Seattle hate the Aloha Inn, because
they can not get in.
The secret is the "Intake Committee" used by the
Aloha Inn, because it "circumvents" the "discrimination
laws". The Seattle Times newspaper did a rather good
story about it titled, "A Place To Get Back On Your Feet",
By Christine Clarridg, Saturday, May 19, 2001.
The article did not explain the "Intake Committee".
The neighbors love it and property values in the area
actually went up.

Aloha Inn Transitional Housing

1911 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109-2702
(206) 283-6070

Crossroads Homeless Shelter
Oakland, California
The countries first "Green Homeless Shelter"
What Crossroads did to go "green" can be
found it in their Fall 2006 newsletter.

News story title:>

First 'green' homeless shelter opens <- web page

Oakland facility will mostly serve the sick
Inside Bay Area News, By Barbara Grady, 01/24/2008
PDFof the report at


In the movie "Super Size Me" a school of children
with learning disabilities and behavioral problems
did a 180 after the kids were put on an organic diet.
This was done with "Natural Ovens" and Pail Stitt,
Barbra Stitt's husband. Her book " Food and Behavior"
was the basis for the approach that they took with the
kids. And it was done at no additional cost to the
school system. This is also applicable in mental
health wards, as well as jails and other institutions.

Jeffery Barr PhD and Barbra Stitt were a consultant with the
school in the movie "Super Size Me" that used diet to straighten
the kids with behavioral problems.

At least that is my understanding of it and you might want
to verify the fact for yourself.

The movie did not detail the nutritional supplements that were put
into the kids "Smoothies". (A type of fresh fruit blended drinks that the
kids loved, and so "took their medicine).

Along with avoiding toxic chemical exposure education, certain
nutritional supplements can greatly aid detoxification.

A simple Google search on "Organic Scam" will reveal another
reason why an organic diet is not always successful. Coupled
with soil depletion of needed minerals.  One example is that
a cup of spinach only had a fraction of the minerals that it did
back in the 1930's.

Also see the blogs:

Organic Scams and The Politics of Food (free movie) 
plus Action Networks & Resources  (view blog)

Environmental Connections: Toxic Victims or Mentally Ill ?  (view blog

Posted at my alternate Myspace profile "Toxic Reverend"

In reference:

Environmental Connections: A Deeper Look into Mental Illness
Environmental Health Perspectives
Volume 115, Number 8, August 2007


Other Reference material:

Resident Owned Mobile Home Parks, Inc.

Global Portable Buildings, Inc
The ChuckHouse - the only mass produced, virtually self-sufficient steel
shelter in existence -- is portable and indestructible. Most importantly, it is livable
GPB Inc PO Box 4559 Santa Rosa, California 95402 USA
Telephone 707 547 0840

One similar camp reduced violent crime by 90%
in Richmond California, in 2006.

KRON Channel 4 news reported a story about Richmond California
where they used a "Tent City" for a five-week period. It reduced
violent crime by 90%. The story was titled,
"In Richmond Oakland, Prayers Community Fight Violence"
Posted November 5, 2006 at 8:10

January 2010 Update on successful homeless programs that I have
found on the Internet that are being used around the United States of America.

news blog about homelessness and mental illness titled:
Latest News The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tenn., Wendi C. Thomas column 
Behavioral Health Central (blog)

Excerpts from the blog
"Behavioral Health Central"

Without a safety net, the mentally ill can often be found disheveled and
dirty, toting their life in bags, mumbling to themselves. Often they are
without the medication
and/or therapy that could reshape their lives --
and just beyond the grasp of social service agencies that could guide
them to the few programs design .


Still, Memphis is cited as a national model for jail diversion for the
mentally ill and the Memphis Police Department's Crisis Intervention
Team, in which specially trained officers go to the scene of calls in which
a mentally ill person is involved.

Memphis can proudly tout this: It is a national model for keeping
the mentally ill out of jail and, instead, getting them into recovery.
It's called the Jericho Project and officially, it's the county's post-
booking diversion strategy for persons with serious mental illness
and substance abuse.
Which is a laborious way to say that people with mental illness and
addictions don't belong in the jail, explained Stephen Bush of the Shelby
County Public Defender's Office.

Jericho draws its name from the Biblical city where the people marched
around the city's walls until they fell down. And the Jericho Project too,
tears down the barriers between the mentally ill and their recovery.

End of excerpt from;
Latest News The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tenn., Wendi C. Thomas column ...
Behavioral Health Central (blog)

Organization / resource that is cited in the blog is

Jericho Project

Door of Hope



Much of my obsession with this, stems from my being denied emergency
mental health care
on March 23 of 1999, while I was "delusional, suicidal 
and homicidal".

Of which has led me to post a blog with a peer reviewed medical journal linked in,
that states most mental illness are actually caused by toxic chemical exposures. And
I am an Environmental Technologist that is going blind with macular degeneration from
toxic chemical exposures. All of that is posted at my Myspace profile at
The Toxic Reverend
Pictures taken at UCSF of my retina that shows the toxic chemical damage causing
my macular degeneration are also posted at the Myspace profile.

In reference:

Environmental Connections: A Deeper Look into Mental Illness
Environmental Health Perspectives
Volume 115, Number 8, August 2007

Please note that we need to curtail the
"in fighting"
and try to reach some bipartisan
political consensus.

In reference:
Realities and Tacit Conspiracies of today's Health Care and Political System

More to come

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